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In Memory of Dante "Tater" Barksdale

This year's summit is dedicated to the life and legacy of Dante "Tater" Barksdale.

May our work as a united community live up to the belief in humanity and hope for Baltimore that he lived every day.

Dante "Tater"Barksdale

Safe Streets Director & Healing City Champion

Bmore With Youth

Welcome Remarks & Panel: Communicating With Youth

Welcome remarks from Youth Co-Hosts Young Elder and Taylor Clinton, Mayor Brandon Scott, and Councilman Zeke Cohen.


Followed by a conversation with youth about how to respect them as individuals, honor their boundaries, and open productive lines of communication.


Moderated By:

Ericka Alston, REBOUND


Featuring HeartSmiles Ambassadors:

Taylor Clinton

Lamar Hill

D'Aubre Lewis

Kamri Moses

Lanae Williams

Voices of Power

(spoken word)


Lydell Hills

Caroline Knight

Growing Up Black

Youth ask our panelists questions about their experiences growing up as black youth in urban landscapes, and how they overcame challenges.


Moderated By:

D'Aubre Lewis

Jemira Queen



Erica Green, NYTimes Columnist

Wesley Hawkins, Nolita Project

John King, Fmr. Education Secretary

Encounters to Recycle

Baltimore legend, oral historian, storyteller, activist, and Sacred Griot Grandmother Edna facilitates a session for a multi-generational audience, making connections between older adults and young Baltimoreans. She will facilitate conversation around the power of connection and storytelling between older adults and young people in Baltimore.

Presented By:

Grandmother Edna

Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Support Workshop

A workshop focusing on recognizing signs of depression and anxiety in ourselves and peers, and developing coping strategies for ourselves and supporting others. Our workshop will also focus on identifying resource gaps and needs for youth and young adults.

Presented By:

Khayyum Muhammad

SELF Sessions

SELF Sessions give young people the opportunity to develop the personal and life skills needed to successfully navigate change, transition, and elevation in every dimension of their lives.


Presented By:

Tiffany Ginyard

Young Entrepreneurship: Small Black Businesses

Entrepreneurship knows no age. Being young and successful is rooted in skills like time management, work/school balance, building customer relationships, and taking advantage of available resources. Learn how to define your own future.


Presented By:

Jazzi Pridgen

Create Your Own Calm:

Creativity for Self Care

Did you know that creativity can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress? In this session, youth from Wide Angle Youth Media will share their tips and tricks for destressing through photography and design.


Presented By:

Wide Angle Youth Media

Writing as a Healing Practice

We will read pieces that have been published in CHARM Lit Mag, written by young writers in Baltimore. Participants will have the opportunity to write their own short literary pieces to be considered by our publication.


Presented By:

Students from CHARM Lit Mag

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking continues to be a plague in Baltimore because of its ability to hide from our everyday awareness. Not For Sale, a youth-led organization, will shine a light on trafficking's impact on mental health for its victims and the urgent need to expose the perpetrators behind it.


Presented By:

Ania McNair, Not For Sale

Latinx Youth Stories About Healing From Trauma

A series of stories featuring immigrant-origin Latinx adolescents and young adults about their experience of trauma, resilience and healing in Baltimore.


Presented By:

Centrol SOL

Successful Young Leaders

An interactive session where young people will develop strategies for coping with stress on a daily basis. Youth will leave this interactive workshop with strategies to utilize right away, recognizing what causes stress and how to productively channel the stress they experience into personal strength and success.

Presented By:

Brandon Clayton

Poetry As Mental Health

Exposing young people to literature as a way to process difficult topics, critical analysis, accurate and dynamic communication as they discuss issues for today and tomorrow impacting them, their peers, their community. The performance/workshop will allow youth to build relationships with others from around the region, as a safe space is created for poets to explore who they are, where they are from, and affirm their identity.


Presented By:


But Some of Us Are Brave

An exploration of Black feminist healing practices using the writing of Barbara Smith, Toni Morrison, Solange, and Flo Milli. Participants will learn how writing can be a healing practice. All are invited to attend, regardless of gender. 


Presented By:

Bry Reed, Writers in Baltimore Schools

Opening Up & Healing in a Digital Age

An interactive virtual session where using the technology of digital media arts to help adults further support their youth through the healing process.


Presented By:

Vonnya Pettigrew, Root Branch Media Group

Alive & Thriving

A panel discussion on the impact of substance use on young people in Baltimore and the work being done to realize a world where all young people have the resources they need to thrive in recovery and overcoming addiction.

Presented By:

Tiffinee Scott, Young People in Recovery

Art as a Tool For Healing

Youth apprentices that have gone through the Art with a Heart workforce development program, which is centered on trauma-informed care practices and using art as a tool for teaching job readiness skills, will teach an art project as a calming exercise with recylcleable materials that participants can easily find. 


Presented By:

Art With A Heart

Healing Our Souls, Healing Our City

Welcome Remarks & Panel: Healing in a Time of Crisis

Welcome remarks from Councilman Zeke Cohen and Dr. Melissa Buckley (Coppin State University).

Followed by an interactive panel exploring a multidisciplinary, multigenerational approach to healing during one of our city's most challenging periods.


Wes Moore, CEO, Robin Hood Foundation


Annette March Grier, Roberta's House

Joe Jones, Center for Urban Families

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

Jemira Queen, Healing Youth Alliance

Voices of Power

(spoken word)


Young Elder

A'niya Taylor

Community-Centered Public Safety

Truly breaking the cycle of violence begins with understanding and addressing the underlying trauma that fuels it. We will discuss the need for holistic systems of programs and resources in support of community-centered public safety and violence intervention to empower social and behavior change. 


Shantay Jackson, Office of Neighborhood Safety & Engagement

Gardnel Carter, Safe Streets Baltimore

Ray Kelly, Citizens Policing Project

Erricka Bridgeford, Baltimore Ceasefire

Shop Talk: Healing in Non-Traditional Spaces

In Baltimore's neighborhoods, non-traditional spaces like barber shops, salons, and other businesses become community centers and places of healing. Hear how these unofficial santuaries build community ties through the healing hands and guiding wisdom of the local leaders who preside over them.


Troy Staton, More Than A Shop Initiative

Donna Bruce, Stylist & Social Justice Advocate

Larry Wilson, Healing Hands Barbershop

Changing the Culture of Government & Philanthropy for Healing


Councilman Zeke Cohen



Danielle Torain, Open Society Institute

Karen Webber, Open Society Institute

Julia Baez, Baltimore’s Promise

From Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement

Through this interactive presentation, participants will learn an overview of what trauma-informed care is and then learn how to move to Healing Centered Engagement which is a culturally based healing framework focused on collective healing. Participants will also actively engage in brainstorming strategies to implement Healing Centered Engagement in various settings.


Presented By:

Dr. Kyla Liggett-Creel, UMD School of Social Work

Real Talk About the COVID Vaccine

Community organizations share their views on how to approach messaging about the vaccine in the face of culturally-based medical distrust and a complicated history of medical practices and abuse in Baltimore. 


Presented By:

Ana Rodney, MOMCares

Healing Self & Empowering Health With Accupressure

Acupressure is a natural, non-invasive, and evidence-based modality that anyone can utilize to empower one's self on the path of healing.  


Presented By:

Dr. Colleen Curran, Zen Path Wellness

The Rights & Services for Victims of Crime

This presentation consists of an identification of the constitutional and statutory rights that Maryland citizens have access to. We will identify how those rights assist victims in obtaining restitution from the convicted defendant.  


Presented By:

Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center, Inc.

Project Big Mama: Honoring the Lost Black Matriarchs During the Pandemic

The current pandemic has left yet another crack in the hearts of the African-American community—the death of our elder women. African America has lost their beloved "Big Mama". Join us for a moment of connection and remembrance of  Baltimore's Big Mamas—the thousands of women who held us up, and who continue to inspire us to keep walking, serving, and thriving. 

Presented By Heart Nest Center's:

Dr. Sabrina N'Diaye

Kenya Pope

Akilah Muhammad

Literacy as Self Care & Community Building

Something remarkable happens when a room full of teenagers suddenly falls silent as each student becomes engrossed in the book they have chosen. This panel presents a case study on the role of literacy in creating spaces of stillness and healing, and how engagement turns to activism when youth can relate written inspiration to the world around them.


Presented By:

Daniel Parsons & Frederick Douglass Students

The Development & Implementation of the Healing Us Together (HUT) Project

An introduction to HUT's use of the 7 Healing Centered Commitments and the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa to engage communities in conversations about moving from trauma to healing.


Presented By:

Healing Us Together (HUT) partners at JHU, Morgan State, and Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore

Building Parental Empowerment & Resilience

A panel discussion with licensed psychologists on how parents can improve their children's resilience and support their healing process.


Presented By:

Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital

A Different Kinda Wellness

Providing a different approach to wellness strategies— mental, physical, nutrition, spiritual, and  social/emotional—through a lively education session.


Presented By:

Mark Jews, Holistic Health Counseling and Coaching

Healing Your Financial Picture Through Education

Financial stability and independence can greatly affect mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn about creating a personal spending plan/budget, better understanding credit and how to use it wisely, and the benefits of home ownership.


Presented By:

Fulton Bank

In Our Own Voice: The Intersection of COVID, Racial Trauma, & Mental Health

This session will work to change attitudes, assumptions, and ideas about mental health conditions and bring awareness to mental health disparity. Participants will be given tools and resources for managing their own mental health.


Presented By:

Kerry Graves, National Alliance on Mental Illness 

Tevis Simon, Mental Health Advocate

The Lion's Side: The Utilization of Storytelling for Emotional Transformation

This workshop facilitates understanding of the importance of storytelling in culture, the function of the griot in the context of trauma, analyzing the primary components of a story, application of positive intrinsic qualities in an effort to create and fortify emotional foundations for recovery and healing, and modalities for expressing one’s story.


Presented By:

Dr. David Fakunle, DiscoverME/RecoverME

COVID's Impact on the Latinx Community

A panel discussion about the most pressing issues impacting Latinos and the consequences of COVID19 on their mental health.


Presented By:

Monica Guerrero Vazquez, Centro SOL

Forever Loving Your Family

Expand your love language for yourself and your family. Talk about what's stressing you out. Learn some tips for space and time management. Develop healthy habits. Make a plan to spend more quality time together. What does that mean for your family? Join us for mindfulness meditation practice and reflection on Forever Loving Your Family.


Presented By:

Maritza Alcoreza-Dominguez, Living Classrooms Foundation