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Community Healing

Through Hope & Connection

Community, faith, university, and non-profit groups from across Baltimore held a resource fair, panels, and workshops themed in healing. 

Welcome Remarks & Opening Panel: Healing Through Hope & Connection

Welcome Remarks:

Councilmember Zeke Cohen

Mayor Brandon Scott

Peer Recovery Specialist Donna Bruce

Health Commissioner Dr. Dzirasa



Dr. Kaye (Moderator)

Aaron Maybin

Monica Guerro Vasquez

Tee Scott

Laquisha Hall



Conquering Conflicts

Conflict resolution techniques to quell long term familial and community conflicts.


Presented By:

Tamara Toney-McCall



Creating a New Future: Baltimore Surviors of Gun Violence

Survivors of gun violence know the pain it causes first-hand. In the experience of these women, working toward a future free of gun violence has helped to memorialize their loved ones and has provided a path to live with the pain and still find joy. This panel of Baltimore survivors will discuss their different ways of healing in the midst of extreme loss. The conversation will focus on the importance of connection and ways of providing support to survivors of gun violence. 


Presented By:

Elaine Arndt


Healing Through Re-Entry

The methods of healing through re-entry from community, family and employers. How to support with empathy, understanding, and purpose.


Presented By:

Veronica Jackson

It's Time to Heal

Women experience trauma for a variety of reasons. Trauma invariably can have long term effects that can impact women and their children, which may pose a generational impact. In order for healing to begin from the impact of trauma the origin of the pain must first be identified and addressed. The provision of tools and strategies must also be made available to express and release feelings associated with the experienced trauma.


Presented By:

Kim Y. Jackson

Neighborhoods Working Together Using Data

Our current population is 585,708 which is the lowest population in over a century. Although Baltimore lost population overall, population loss for communities throughout the city has not been uniform with many communities gaining population next door to communities that lost more than 4 times the citywide average. This workshop will help us all understand why Baltimore continues to lose population and how to turn these trends around, we have developed a series of issue briefs to assess the components of change for Baltimore's neighborhoods. 



Seema Iyer

Carla Tilchin

Cheryl Knott

Our Nature to Heal: 10 Self-Care Strategies

In this workshop, we will activate and support the body's ability to heal using 10 self-care strategies. We will re-conceptualize our own bodies as nature while we access and develop our innate power to heal.


Presented By:

Gabriel Pickus

Self T.L.C. Masterclass

Self-expression equals self-empowerment. This interactive workshop is designed to give individuals the tools they need to take care of themselves everyday as well as through times of stress and trauma. Attendees will engage in various expressive art exercises e.g., writing, drawing, storytelling to better understand who they are for the purpose of learning how to heal as well as mental hacks to maintain positive mental health.


Presented By:

Jennifer Rae Myers

Trauma & Healing in Later Life

To best support older adults, we must be vigilant to an individual's experience of aging, understand how trauma may manifest in later life and provide hope that struggles related to trauma and mental health problems are treatable so that a good quality of life may be enjoyed. Older adults deserve to live the promise healing and recovery and, in fact, they are usually in a developmental process that makes this journey more meaningful and lasting. This session will explore these issues as well as strategies to maximize engagement and positive outcomes. 


Presented By:

Kim Burton

Using Adventure-Based Principles to Create Greater Self-Awareness

This practical workshop will give participants an opportunity to observe an adventure-based activity while learning ways to process it as a metaphor they can use when working in wellness or prevention activities with adolescents or adults. The use of cooperative games, initiatives, and adventure activities can be used as part of an intentional change process engaging some of our most challenging students. It can help bridge communication, challenge perceptions, increase problem solving skills, and create awareness. 


Presented By:

Angela Donn

Healing the Rift: Improving the Quality of Co-Parent Relationships

Sometimes communication styles, expectations, and hurt feelings can get in the way of parents working together to raise children. Conflict is normal but does not need to be traumatic. We’re going to talk about tools to improve co-parent relationships.


Presented By:

Dena Barnwell

Into the Green: The Co-Healing Power of Green Spaces and Writing for Wellness & Wellbeing

A healing-focused, writing for wellness and well-being poetry workshop led by Baltimore-based Literary Artist, Catrice Greer, on meditatively connecting with nature. She explores the eco-therapeutic experience with a trauma-informed focus by utilizing poetry, video, sensory imagery, and well-being coping tool techniques with writing prompts. Special emphasis also will be on accessibility and community-inclusive appreciation of local green spaces.


Presented By:

Catrice Greer

Pain to Purpose: Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters

These surviving mothers will not only talk about the trauma they experienced as mothers who lost their sons to homicide, but their journey to reach a level of healing where they were able to transition their pain into purpose to serve the community.


Hosted By:

Daphne Alston

Cynthia Bruce

Safe Silence: Healing Trauma With Contemplative Practice

The Holistic Life Foundation will discuss how mindfulness and contemplative practices how they developed their style of teaching, the benefits in healing trauma, and why the practices need to be adjusted for traumatized individuals.


Presented By:

Ali Smith

Securing the Family House

This presentation covers understanding the family house as a familial, cultural, and socio-economic asset, how to protect it against "theft" and grow its value. We also discuss methods for healing Root Shock, the traumatic stress reaction to the loss of some or all of one's emotional ecosystem cause by housing or community displacement.


Presented By:

Nneka Nnamdi

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

At least 4.2% of Marylanders, 198,000 individuals, identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (other identities were not included in the question). These communities experience intimate partner violence and the people around them must be prepared to respond appropriately, regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the survivor or abusive partner. This session gives tools to respond with kindness, cultural humility, and a knowledge of the particular barriers these communities may face.


Presented By:

Dominic Goodall

She Who Wears the Crown: Black Hair, It's Professional

Using fiber art as a medium this presentation will examine the promotion of the Eurocentric standards of beauty as professional and the historic trauma experienced by African American women who experience this discrimination. The proposed art submission is a fiber art/mini quilt of a Black Woman with natural hair and a crown. It is a declaration that natural hair is professional and Black hair is professional.


Presented By:

Dr. Christa Gilliam, PhD

The Healing Power of Listening: How to Build a Listening Session

Why a Listening Session? The Healing Power of Listening provides opportunities to better understand the communities, families, and youth that we serve. We can always look at an article and a book for statistics and figures, however a listening session aims to understand the stories and faces behind the numbers. Stories and thoughts from individuals in the community can inform how we engage the numbers. This workshop will allow attendee to understand how to build an effective listening session for their company, organization, or community. 


Presented By:

Wayman Scott

Connecting Children to Nature: Healing Outdoors

In this session, staff from the Baltimore Office of Sustainability will share the whys and hows of connecting youth to nature in Baltimore City. We will dive into the research that demonstrates how nature affects our minds and bodies, describe the coalition that has come together around equitable nature access for all children and families in our city, provide curricula and activity examples for what it looks like.


Presented By:

Abby Cocke

Moments of Knowing: Tapping Into the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

This workshop is an opportunity for you to honor the beauty of your unique journey, share a story that only you can tell, and reflect on the common themes that make us a community that has always been capable of healing, growth, and transcendence. Through music, thoughtful questions, laughter and song, you will have the opportunity to honor your unique story, name at least three inherited qualities of ancestors of ancestors of birth or of choice, commit to beginning (or returning) to at least one spiritual ritual of connection with your innate wisdom and revel in the beauty of living in this moment.


Presented By:

Sabrina Ndiaye

Bmore With (YOU)th

A day designed specifically for youth, by youth. Representatives from Healing Youth Alliance and Heartsmiles led a day full of VIRTUAL healing-focused conversations, workshops, panels, and performances.  

Topics included entrepreneurship, art, writing and storytelling as healing practices, finances, using humor to heal—just to name a few. 

Art is Food


Art, or creative engagement with yourself and your community, is as important as food. It can remind us of the core of who we are and/or who we wish to be. In a sense, art can feed us and support our health and healing. Art can lead us out of challenging experiences and feelings. This session, co-led by undergraduate art therapy students at NDMU, will engage attendees in some simple art making and invite discussion about the value of art in our lives and communities. The session will also include information about the field of art therapy as a possible career path grounded in journeying with others through art making and licensed in the State of Maryland.


Presented By:

Cathy Goucher

Creative Self-Expression Through Color

The emotional effects of color can be used to your advantage in everyday life, particularly in designing your own creations to influence your mood. Our aim is to use our creativity and self expression for introspection on our feelings. During this session we will write, color, and use music as outlets of expression. Together we will explore our emotions through color by responding to journal prompts, creating reverse-coloring artwork, and curating a color-based playlist. 


Presented By:

Bmore Youth Arts Advocacy Council

Ending the Silence

NAMI Ending the Silence (ETS) is a 1-hour presentation designed to help students learn to recognize the warning signs of mental health conditions, what steps to take if a student, a classmate, or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental health condition, and start an honest conversation about mental health. The goal of NAMI ETS is to create a generation of students who are well-positioned to end the silence and stigma surrounding mental illness.


Presented By

Sarah Arndt

Is Perception Really Reality? Identity vs Reality

Participants will address and understand the differences between identity, perception, and reality. Youth will understand perception doesn’t define a person. They will reflect on the impact perception has made on them. Youth will engage in introspective moments and will answer the question, in a safe space, 'Are you really being seen for who you truly are?


Presented By

Saran Fossett

Swipe Left: Dismantling Teen Dating Violence


One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. During this presentation, we will discuss what healthy, unhealthy, and abusive teen relationships look like; how to recognize the warning signs of teen dating violence; and what specific barriers teens face in abusive relationships. This workshop will also give teens a toolbox of resources they can use for themselves and their peers to prevent or get help while in unhealthy or abusive relationships.


Presented By:

Charnell Covert

Stephanie Romano

The Evolution of an Addict Son

Welcome to the meanest streets in America. Where Wesley Hawkins grew up, abandoned buildings were called abandominiums. In such extreme poverty, drugs were the only way out. Whether you were using them like Hawkins' mother, whose heartbreaking story inspired his mentorship work, or selling them like Hawkins was by the age of eleven in order to help feed his brothers and sisters. However, the story doesn't end here. This journey leads to much success, school graduations, bussiness ownership, mentorship programming, community activism, and much more.


Presented By:

Wesley Hawkins

Writing a Peaceful Place

CHARM: Voices of Baltimore Youth is a literary arts organization founded on the belief that kids' voices matter. Our mission is to help young people develop as writers and amplify their own voices. At Healing City Baltimore, a team of our high school youth editors will host a session on writing as a healing practice. We will read pieces that have been published in CHARM Lit Mag, written by young writers in Baltimore, then participants will have the opportunity to write their own. 


Presented By


Your Promise Will Overcome Trauma

Have you ever wondered why the solutions to our friends problems are sometimes so obvious to us, yet they can't see them. The reason why is perspective. Our initial reaction when we run into an obstacle is always emotional. We get frustrated, angry, and think there's no way to solve this problem. However, when we look at other peoples problems, we don't get so worked up about them and perceive them objectively. Trauma is no different. In this session I'll explain how nothing bad has ever happened to me but has worked for me because I embraced it. 


Presented By

Alphonso Mayo

Creatively Coping


Did you know that meditation does not always have to be silent and still? This session will allow you to activate your creative self by engaging the right side of your brain. Through basic art techniques, we will reinforce coping by enhancing your ability to reason, problem-solve and be attentive.


Presented By:

Christina Marsh

Healthy Coping: A Mindfulness Experience

This session will cover positive coping skills and loss. Losses will be discussed as not just death loss but loss in general. Presentation will be interactive and fun.


Presented By:

Chanei Clemons

Meditate vs Medicate

One of the biggest issues that affects and impacts youth locally and nationally are the various forms of peer pressure that encourage drug abuse and misuse. Youth in Baltimore City are exposed to drug abuse at an increasingly alarming rate. These series will promote healthy coping skills, and will explain the history of substance use, and culture surrounding substance use. The substance abuse related session will address city climate and culture and the underlying effects of addiction for youth, adult, families, and the overall community. 


Presented By

Rashad Staton

Power of Poetry

Exposing young people to poetry as a way to process both personal and social justice issues through critical analysis, accurate, and dynamic communication as they discuss the impact that literature can have among them, their peers, and their community. There will be both a writing workshop and performance/open mic component to both events that will allow participants to engage with other poets from all ages in a safe space created to explore who they are, where they are from, and affirm their identity as it relates to the themes of the Chicory Revitalization Project and public exhibit. (Environment. Opportunity. Mental Health.)


Presented By

DewMore Baltimore

Reading as a Tool for Healing


Did you know that reading is used as prescribed healing? There is a book for everyone, and your library can find the right one for you! Join us to learn how reading can be healing for you, hear about some new titles, and learn mindfulness techniques.


Presented By:

Kimberly Day

Nyilah Nayomi Whitaker

Self Care for a Quarantined World


During the pandemic, about 41.1% adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, an over 30% increase since 2019. Mental health, specifically taking care of yourself, is so vital during this time. In this workshop, we'll show how to create visual reminders of your own self care goals. Afterwards, participants will get the opportunity to make their own checklists/graphics.


Presented By:

Ellie McGinley

Support for Children of Parents Dealing With Drug Addiction & Seeking Treatment


Creating a safe place for an open discussion to support children whose parents are dealing with substance abuse issues and those seeking treatment. Peer discussion and support for children whose parents are battling substance abuse or seeking recovery. Conversations to discuss what experiences they share, how they would benefit from family treatment and what it would look like, effects of substances, and suggestions that would help support children and families of those dealing with addiction.


Presented By:

Erica Hamlett

Turning Disadvantage Into Advantage


In the nutshell, my presentation is about growing in adverse conditions. Enjoy the moment. Don't poison what you have with thoughts of what you don't have.


Presented By:

Dwayne Ratleff

Youth Leadership in Action


Do you have a passion for your community and creating positive change? Do you want to influence policy and legislation? Do you think young people need be at the decision-making table? Join us to learn about how two youth-led groups that are supporting young leaders in creating change in Maryland. This session will be hosted by the Maryland Youth Advisory Council and the Emerging Leaders Committee. 


Presented By:

Christina Drushel Williams

Youth-Led Disability Awareness Training


Led by youth and young adults (ages 15-21), our interactive training will cover what a disability is, the correct language to use when addressing those with disabilities and trauma and triggers. There will also be a discussion about learning barriers and behavioral strategies.


Presented By:

Khayyum Muhammad

Baltimore & Beyond

A day for Baltimore to share about the work we’re doing through the Elijah Cummings Healing City Act,  Trauma-Informed Care Task Force, and trauma-informed care trainings in city agencies. This is also an opportunity to learn from other cities about the work they are doing related to trauma and healing. This day was hosted in partnership with Open Society Foundations-Baltimore.

Welcome & Intro to the

Healing City Movement

Opening remarks and a video presentation set the context for discussions about healing and trauma-responsive work happening around the country with a recap of the work happening in Baltimore




Open Society Foundations-Baltimore Director Danielle Torain


Open Society Foundations-Baltimore’s Karen Webber


Baltimore City Councilman Zeke Cohen

Healing & Trauma-Responsive

Care in Education

Representatives from Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Durant, Mississippi share their distinct approaches to integrating restorative and healing practices into the education system.




Ann Coy, Healing City Baltimore Coordinator




Deauntra Thompson Smith, Lead Relationships First Coach, Philadelphia United School District


Akil Hamm, Chief of Baltimore City Public Schools Police


Ellen Reddy, Executive Director, Nollie Jenkins Family Center, Inc. (Durant, Mississippi)


Chris Scott, Senior Policy Advisor for Education and Youth Justice, Open Society Foundations (moderator)

Community-Based Peace Healing

A deep dive into grassroots, community-based peace-building work happening in Baltimore, New York City, Washington, D.C., and around the country.




Ann Coy, Healing City Baltimore Coordinator




Erricka Bridgeford, Co-Founder, Baltimore Ceasefire


Erica Ford, Co-Founder, LIFE Camp (New York City)


Greg Jackson, Executive Director, Community Justice Action Fund (Washington D.C./National)


Shantay Jackson, Director, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (moderator)

Local Government-Led Healing & Restorative Efforts

Learn about how several local governments have worked to bring healing, trauma-responsive, and restorative practices to their jurisdictions.




Tom Perriello, Executive Director of Open Society Foundations-U.S. and a former Virginia Congressman




Scott Mckean, Manager of Community Development for the City of Toronto


Mary Lupien, Council Vice President in Rochester, NY


Tammy Morales, Councilmember in Seattle, WA


Donna Bruce, Trauma-Informed Care Task Force in Baltimore, MD


Elizabeth Guernsey, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundations (moderator)


Scott Johnson, City Councilman in Cincinnati, Ohio