Baltimore City

Trauma Responsive Workgroup

The Healing City Act commissioned a Baltimore City Trauma-Responsive Workgroup, consisting of representatives of City agencies, service providers, community members, youth, public officials, and additional stakeholders.


The Trauma-Responsive Workgroup guides the implementation of of trauma-informed care training for city agencies, providing oversight, guidance, and consultation on this initiative.

Trauma-Informed Care Agency Training Includes:

Organizational Change Support (Virtual and/or In-Person)

The agency leadership team is provided with trained-expert organizational professionals to support the agency in the development of a sustainability plan. This may include individual and or coaching sessions, leadership team retreats, and support developing a sustainability plan to ensure the trauma-responsive work takes root within the agency.


All-Staff Education & Training (Virtual and/or In-Person)

Each city agency staff receives two hours of training on the following:


  • Historical and Structural Racism As Forms of Trauma

  • Introduction to Trauma Part 1 and Part 2

  • Healing Generational Trauma

  • Mindfulness & Restorative Practices As Healing Strategies

  • In Their Own Voice: Youth Educating About Healing Youth-Related Trauma

  • Managing & Navigating The Grief and Loss Process


Deep Dive Into Mindfulness and Restorative Practices (Virtual and/or In-Person)

Once the city agencies complete all seven education and training sessions, they may be eligible to participate in restorative justice and mindfulness intensive training.


Implementation Group

Zeke Cohen

Baltimore City Council, 1st District

Ann Coy

Healing City Coordinator

Karen Webber

Open Society Foundations

Jennifer Kim

Open Society Foundations

Dr. Tara Doaty

Sage Wellness Group

Dr. Durryle Brooks

Love & Justice Consulting

Dr. Terrinieka Powell

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Kimberly Lagree

Baltimore City Health Department

City Agencies to Receive Training

Enoch Pratt Free Libraries

Recreation & Parks

Fire Department

Parking Authority

Law Department

Department of Planning

Department of Public Works

Department of Transportation

Department of Finance

Environmental Control Board

Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice

Mayor's Office of Employment Development

Mayor's Office of Homeless Services

Mayor's Office of Human Services

Department of Housing & Community Development

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The legislation inspired by the movement focuses on and mandates a proactive focus on trauma responsive care.




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